Sunday, April 19, 2009

Gas to Electric Car Conversion Kit

My gas guzzling car is used a lot for long distance driving, I'm in marketing and cover a large area! I've read information about saving a lot of money by converting your car from gas to electricity. With the recession I've been finding it difficult to make ends meet due to less work within my department: about 50% of my income is from bonuses, no work = no bonuses!

After researching converting a car from running on gasoline to electricity without massive expense several reputable sources pointed to the this website which sells electric car conversion kit plans to convert a gasoline guzzling car to run on electricity for a few hundred dollars! The cost of the plans are about $50 which compared to the cost of converting a car in a garage there's BIG savings to be made in a DIY electric car conversion kit.

I'm quite good with cars, so I bought the conversion kit plans and read them thoroughly, I didn't see any issues in converting my car myself. I bought the kit parts for a cost of ~$200 (got a couple of parts free, so probably would have cost about $250). On my next weekend off (which was the next weekend!) I converted my car to run on electricity, it took about 4 hours to convert which considering the price tag on doing this in a garage is really impressive.

That was four months ago and I've had no major problems running on electricity, it's saving me a small fortune in saved gas which is making the effects of the economic downturn a little less painful.

I recommend the Electricity 4 Gas conversion Plans, well worth the fifty dollars.